Stereotypes Of Women In Sports

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As I watched the baseball game, I heard one of the players yell to the other “you play like a girl!” after striking out. I immediately became offended from this because as a female, I know that I can play sports just as well as a man.

This is a perfect explanation of the stereotype that all women are not as strong and athletic as men. It implies that women cannot play sports as well as men.. This stereotype originates from the ancient Olympic Games, in which women were not allowed to compete. In fact, the first year that women were permitted to participate in the Olympics was 1900. This myth also comes from the fact that most major sports leagues like the NBA (National Basketball Association) and the NFL (National Football League), consist
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In fact, one of my close friends, Ripley Crosley, is the only female who plays for the Mayfield Ice Hockey team, and she is actually one of the best players on the team. Lets face it, ice hockey is known by many as a male dominant sport, But not in this case. Ripley has actually been an ice hockey player since she was a little girl. She is so serious about her hockey career, that she even lived in Michigan for a year with one of her friends so that she was able to play on her travel league hockey team. Her travel team actually consists of many other females that are just as serious about ice hockey as Ripley is, proving that women are capable of playing a “male only” sport.

This idea has also been proven true within my own life. After being a swimmer since the age of five, I can easily say that I am capable of swimming as fast as some of my male teammates. For example my fifty freestyle time of 25.12 seconds is faster than a male on my team, who’s 50 freestyle time is a 25.44. Now my time isn’t much faster, but it is comparable. As a matter of fact, looking at the statistics from my last swim meet, my time was faster than fifty percent of the men swimming the fifty
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