Stereotypes Of Women In The 1930s Essay

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Women in the 1930’s had much different lives and expectations than today. Due to the depression many people had to change their lives to support their families and that includes women. After the feminist movement of the 1920s, due to the depression, women were forced to return to their previous lives as submissive housewives although many were required to earn an income by getting a job. There were many stereotypes surrounding women that affected the way they lived. Women were believed to be the civilizing force, taking care of the children and home, and that society could not survive without them (Moran). Due to this sexist ideology many women didn’t get jobs due to the hostility they would face from the rest of society. This causes a problem during the depression when may families could use all the money they could get. The Women’s Bureau asserted that wives who held outside jobs were destroying the…show more content…
Women struggled to be treated as equals when trying to qualify for federal programs. Social security benefits were structured around the idea of a male breadwinner and a dependant housewife. (Ware). Much of society believed that women could not possibly be the head of the household and therefore it was much more difficult for women to get the help they needed in the depression. Even though many people believe that the need for feminism died out it was still needed in the 1930s to help the women with jobs. Labor unions, state and federal governments, and employers tried to keep women out of the workforce in order to salve the men's unemployment problem(Moran). Feminism was still needed to fight at the inequalities that men made women face in the workforce.the stereo that women should stay at home was one of the main reasons for the movement.The need for feminism did not die out when the depression started if anything the need for it

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