Stereotypes Of Women In The Workplace Essay

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There is a problem with our world today on how women are treated not only in their workplace but all around them. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it and if you are a male you do not see the side effects of being a women. In this day and age. you would think that being a different gender would not effect somebody but in that case you would be wrong. Women are not treated equally like their male counterparts and something needs to be done All around the world women are being paid unfairly. The stereotype of women being frail and not being able to match males is still prevalent. “Today, women make up about half our workforce. But they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.” (Strasser) How is this fair when strong, independent women are working every day to make our world a better place? Examples of strong roles models are Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates. It’s an embarrassment that in 2014 this is still happening. If you want your daughters to grow up in a…show more content…
So much so that men cannot seem to take us seriously even when were in a professional workplace. CEO Yunha Kim reports in an article that when she sent out emails to potential employees, one man responded with “Hey Yunha, I'm pretty happy with my current job, but if you're single I'd like to date you. Perhaps there are some unconventional ways to lure me away from my company (besides stock options) if you know what I mean. ;)” (Marcus). Why men cannot see us as business women and CEO’s is because they were taught it from things around them. Look around at the billboards and magazines. These things are subliminally showing us that women are on this earth to look pretty; to pose in front of a camera seductively. What we need is magazines showing off girl’s abilities and skills and not their looks. We need billboards to not be showing women’s cleavage spilling out of their shirt’s at every stoplight. What we need is

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