Stereotypes Of Women In Virgil's Aeneid,

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Women are portrayed many different ways in the media. The media tends to have a bias towards stereotyping these women based on what they wear or actions taken, often putting them into a simple category. In Virgil’s Aeneid, Dido, Camilla and Venus are three personalities portrayed as weak, strong and neutral, respectively. Virgil’s stereotypes of these women are overly simplistic by only allowing each character to have one major personality trait. Dido’s insane need for Aeneas, Camilla’s strong warrior personality, and Venus’ act as a motherly figure for Aeneas provide evidence of simple personality traits embodies in these characters. Dido is portrayed as a boy-crazy, love-struck lunatic. She cannot control her love for Aeneas due to the curse placed upon her. The curse, given to her by Cupid, made all her thoughts and…show more content…
She is only dedicated to assisting her son during his times of trouble. In the midst of battle against the Latins, Aeneas was shot with an arrow to his leg (12.381-386). As Iapyx was tending to him, Venus sent down a healing balm to close Aeneas’ wound, which allow him to return to the battle (12.487-501). Her sole concern for her son continues as she protects him from Juno’s wrath. When Juno bribed the wind god to send Aeneas’ ship to dangerous seas, Venus asks Jupiter why this happened. Jupiter then assured Venus that Aeneas’ fate was determined to be great (1.77-317). Women tend to be typecast by today’s media. However, there are women, such as Taylor Swift, who have transcended traditional barriers, country to pop music, successfully. In 2006, Taylor Swift debuted as a new, young country artist. As she matured in the music industry, she sought a transition in genre to pop music. In 2012, Swift released the album Red, which marked her successful shift. Today, Taylor Swift is known as a multi-genre, talented musician who rejected media labels as only a simple country
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