Stereotypes Of Women Today Essay

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Women today have jobs that weren’t even possible or even an idea back then. Women went from only child bearing and being obedient to their husbands, to doing all of that with also being engineers and working in the white house. They have been fighting for equal rights for centuries so they can be where they are today. Women were represented as weak and not good for anything but being a good wife and mother. Some of those trends are still alive today but those are now mere opinions that are no longer a huge problem.

Women to this day are known as the weaker sex. Incapable of doing the dirty work and lifting heavy objects. What people overlooked is that women worked in factories and mills if they didn’t have husbands to take care of them. It wasn’t exactly folding clothes or cooking either. It was hard labor. For women to work firm jobs and still come back and take
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But at this day and age, there is always someone right around the corner to prove them wrong. Women fought long and hard for where we are today. It takes courage, especially back then when it wasn’t acceptable. They went to jail, quit jobs, spent time away from their families because they believed in equality for women around the world. Women from races all over came together to support this movement. Women can be comfortable taking on jobs that weren’t technically made for them. They have the right to do whatever they please without having a husband or having kids. Even though society sees women for doing these things as a social norm, its acceptable not to go by. Independence is now a key factor and most men love women who can fend for themselves. The roles have changed for good purposes. They no longer have to be subjected to their husbands or men in general to rely on them. No more just making babies or just cleaning up men because women have a sense of equality now and that’s due to centuries of suffering and fighting for the right of
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