Stereotypes Of Young Adults Essay

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Stereotypes of Young Adults
To the Editor:
When most people think of stereotypes of young adults they certainly think about them partying, going out, drinking, going to clubs and having sex like the reality show Jersey Shore portrays young adults mostly between the ages of 18 to 21. It is a negative influence for audience when they show all these stereotypes on reality TV because then, the other young adults that actually have some good traits would also try to be like the stars in Jersey Shore and learn to do bad things like drinking and having unprotected sex because they think that if the stars are doing it its cool which it is not.
I think the stereotype that is attached with young adults and the show Jersey shore portrays is negative also. As a young adult and a researcher, who have spent time researching about young adult stereotype, I don’t think that all the young adults have the stereotype of partying, drinking, going to clubs and having unprotected sex. I am not saying that there aren 't any young adults with these types of stereotypes but not all of the young adults have these stereotypes. Also I oppose
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In my research article it talks about Snooki, she is one of the actors from Jersey Shore. “Snooki, the 22-year-old star of the reality show Jersey Shore, whose ambitions consist of getting drunk, vomiting on camera, and spending days in a tanning salon, is the star of the hour. "I love Snooki," says one 20-year-old” (Kingston). What did this 20 year old girl see in Snooki besides all the bad ways to have fun? I don’t see why the young adults think that everything that is showed on the reality TV is cool and they should also do it. I think the young adults should be informed that bot all the things shown on reality television are good things. They should be more aware of the reality of reality

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