Stereotypes, Prejudice And Racial Discrimination

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Imagine a world where African Americans are completely discriminated and have no rights just because of their skin color. They would be seen as nothing to the people 's eyes, nothing but useless pieces of meat. This would probably happen if people didn’t stand up for what they believe in. But we do not live in a world where African Americans are completely discriminated. We live in a world where people can stand up for what they believe and make a change for the better. Having belfies isn’t something special, the belfies are the ones that are unique and special. These beliefs may be unpopular or out right hated. But that’s alright, because these are your beliefs not anybody 's else 's. Nobody can change your ideas and beliefs if you don’t want them to do. Anyone can change the world with our belfies, It just takes effort and the help other people who have the same ideas.…show more content…
is one of the most famous and important figures in history for telling people what he believed in. This was not a little idea he had, no, he’s idea was huge to many people. He wanted some things that he should have had from the very beginning of his existence, rights. The right to go to all schools, to have any job, the right to have all opportunity any other person had. His beliefs change the way people think now, not all, but most. In conclusion, beliefs are very important in that they can change the world for good and bad. They 're the very core of what makes a human have soul to change the way we look at things. Some very big change in the world started as ideas and beliefs, such as Martin Luther
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