Stereotypes: Society's Perception Of A Tomboy

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If you are a tomboy you may have been looked at differently than other females. On the other hand, if you are not tomboy, then you might have judged a tomboy because you do not understand their lifestyle choice. A tomboy is a female who dresses, plays, and behaves like a boy instead of in a feminine way. However, society tends to think otherwise about tomboys. Society has made its own gender rules, which tomboys shy away from. When someone in our society sees a tomboy, they see a female who likes other females because they are dressed or act like a male. Females are suppose to be feminine, therefore if you are a tomboy you are not seen as a normal female. Although our society perceives tomboys as being gay, they are simply females who find comfortability in resembling a male. Most times when people see a tomboy, they mistake them as being gay. However, that is not the case all of the time. The reason people assume tomboys are gay is because of their appearance. People often judge them instead of…show more content…
She understands the struggle of being questioned and looked at strangely because she would rather wear sneakers on the red carpet instead of heels. Although she is an actress, it does not change the fact that her appearance is not socially accepted. There has been many times when other actresses or actors have said negative things about her style and appearance instead of accepting her for who she is. This goes to show that no matter your status or title in this world, you will still be looked at differently if you are not what society expects you to be.
Our society has to fully understand a tomboy before passing judgement. With full understanding, tomboys will be accepted and seen as normal in today’s world. The societal gender rules will no longer matter and females will be able to live comfortably without those ties to their gender. It will take time, but soon tomboys will be understood and able to truly live
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