Stereotypes Stereotypes

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Stereotypes at DHS exist and they pertain to many things such as where you hang out, are you an athlete etc. and they have an impact on other kids performance by stereotyping them by lowering their self-esteem which makes them less confident, making them less secure which may lead to not coming to school, and peer pressure which may lead to doing negative things they don’t want to do. These 3 things may cause kids to go down the wrong path just because they don’t want to be called a certain thing or looked down upon. This happens at DHS and it causes kid to be more socially insecure because they think they’re a loser because a stereotype told them that because they do a certain thing or they’re pressured to do something such as drugs or they’re a chicken or other words. Stereotypes makes kids more insecure about their self-image because i’ve observed that kids that have been stereotyped or bullied because they closely relate or they’re the same thing is that they try to change who they are or try to fit in so they aren’t stereotyped and aren’t seen “inferior” to other people. I’ve also seen when these kids change, their grades drop and they go to bad influences because it seems cool to them. I also have a cousin I have for a few classes that she fell into depression because she was Stereotyped and bullied and so she felt insecure and became really insecure and it really showed that it affected her academic performance because she’s usually a honor student but for a
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