Stereotypes Still Relevant In Today's Society

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Stereotype a word that harbours judgements and ideas of how an individual or groups should act depending on factors such as social status, culture, sexual orientation and nationality. It is still used very often in today’s society but most of it consist of ideas that are proved to be false or exaggerated but nonetheless these unrealistic judgements are spread amongst society through propaganda, traditional and social media. In some circumstances, stereotypes can be extreme enough to incite prejudice, disrespect or even racism between people. Three stereotypes that I find to be to be really relevant in today’s society are directed towards the culture of Americans, Asians and Muslims. These stereotypes portray how these populaces act and what their characteristics should be or is. This first stereotype up for discussion is the one that is directed…show more content…
These stereotypes existence only helps in dividing the great cultures of the worlds apart and I believe the world would definitely be a better place without them. The only possible way to eliminate this images and assumptions of the populaces of these great nationalities is to raise global awareness of the positive aspects and truth of these cultures and eliminate propaganda in media that encourages and approves of these stereotypes. I find stereotypes in general to be a negative aspect of society and I greatly disapprove when people use stereotypes as a basis for determining qualities of individuals and groups. I would highly suggest that everyone refrains from using stereotypes and discover for themselves what these cultures actually are by interacting with
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