Stereotypes: The Millennial Generation

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Millennials contain different attributes and outlooks on life depending on the environment the Millennial grew up in. Each generation has been known for a major characteristic that the majority of that generation shares. For The Greatest Generation courage, valor, and the victory of WWII have been strongly associated with their generation. The Millennial Generation has had varying labels from the generations before them because others cannot seem to pin down who the Millennials really are. Being lazy and narcissistic are the two biggest labels attached to the Millenials so far. If the Millennials are going to be remembered for something great they must change their outlook and actions of their lives especially when associating with the other generations. This change must start at the foundation of the Millennials problems, themselves. When this change occurs Millennials will be seen for who they truly are, a generation that is caring, smart, and who strive to make the world a better place every day. Stereotypes accompany each generation in varying degrees with the Millennial generations stereotypes being the most intense and negative with most of these being false. One of the most common stereotypes associated with Millennials is that they are the Me Generation. This means that they only look after themselves and focus on a self-served life. Usually, this Me Generation stereotype is accompanied by the belief that Millennials are lazy and narcissistic. In truth, Millennials

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