Stereotypes: The Plessy Vs. Ferguson Case

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Along those same lines, whites would perpetuate black stereotypes in order to further emphasize why they could not let them testify in court. According to (Carlin 2016), the first stereotype was that Black people were less intelligent than White people. If this were true, the events of a crime would not be given accurately. Secondly, they were thought to be dishonest and this would impede a conviction. Lastly, they were seen as violent, so if their crime was deemed violent it became an automatic guilty decision for them. It is not that Blacks were biologically inferior to Whites; it was the ideology of racism that made subordination acceptable. Race is a socially constructed term that places groups of people on a spectrum. Those at the top…show more content…
Ferguson Case that made it acceptable to have separate but equal schools. This case permitted African American children to receive subpar education that taught them obedience and conformity, in order to work low wage jobs, while White children were taught the skills needed to get into college. Early American law was designed to continuously fail the African American community and keep them in a cycle of poverty and crime. The American Dream was predetermined to be exclusively for WASPS (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) and no other racial group. Critical Race Theory takes the opposite approach to the American Dream and forces lawmakers to look from the bottom. Look at the American Nightmare. Acknowledge that people of color were excluded from creating and voting on American laws, even though they were considered part of American society; while also realizing that they are still excluded…show more content…
The Klu Klux Klan was created in order to scare, as well as, harm any African American southerners who imposed on white society. African Americans were not able to enjoy their civil rights without fear of being lynched or raped. Furthermore, any violence in the white community was blamed on African American men, which was a systematic way of sending them to jail or being killed. These groups, consisting of: influential white judges, police officers, business people, etc., incited uproar about African American males that would cause grounds for a moral
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