Stereotypes To Identify Flappers

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Flappers beat the old stereotype that smoking, drinking, and one night stands were just for boys. Before a Flappers woman had to be societies imagine of a perfect woman, they had to be nice and don’t drink, smoke or sleep around. Girls smoking and drinking wasn’t publicly acceptable and finding out a woman slept with more than one guy, she would be labeled as a whore. A guy would never be labeled in a negative way; they would be encouraged to continue to act that way, they would be the “Man” and admired by their buddies. Flappers made it possible for women today to express Themselves and enjoy life without being judge. Flappers were so popular that people were trying to come up with a way to identify who was flapper and who was pretending be one. Thirteen characteristics were used to identify a flapper: “hat of soft silk or felt, bobbed hair, flapper curl on forehead, flapper collar, flapper earrings, slip-over sweater, flapper beads, metallic belt, bracelet of strung jet, knee- length fringed skirt, exposed bare knees, rolled hose with fancy garter, flat-heeled, little girl sandals” (flapper). These were the ways believed to identify flappers, is this demeaning or just how society worked then? Why was the new look of women so shocking to the older generations? Before Flappers the clothing stands set by society were very extreme…show more content…
Was it the mothers fault for not raising their daughters fault? Was it the fathers fault for not laying done and enforcing more rules? Or maybe the new generation figured out they didn’t want to have the same life’s their mothers before them had. Each generation has changed from the generation before them it is inevitable; the world and society is meant to change and challenge the rules that were made for a specific generation. This is the reason why the founding fathers made the constitution of our county a living document making it a possibility to change to fit the
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