Stereotypes Vs Introverts

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As one could guess, social situations are where extraverts and introverts differ the most. Extraverts tend to thrive in social activities. They are energized by other people and feel bored by themselves. It is expected that if you leave an extravert alone for over two minutes, he or she will reach for their phone (Rauch). This is because extraverts have an almost constant desire to be in connection with something or someone other than himself or herself. Extraverts think as they speak, rather than think before they speak (Cameron). They are the people at a party interacting, and making small talk with a large amount of people in the room. They are not people that are typically looking for a meaningful conversation in a group setting,…show more content…
Introverts should honor and recognize their personality and their inclinations because it can take them far in a job: they prepare well for negotiations as they typically do their reflective thinking in advance, they specifically schedule down time in order to recharge, and they seek out colleagues as trusted allies and supporters who can help spread the word about their quiet power (Ancowitz). Introverts will flourish in a job that they can think on their own and be on their own, as that is what energizes them most. Just as well, extraverts need to embrace their being as well. The majority of America honors them already, but it is important that they do not take the honor as pressure to always be outgoing and friendly. Extraverts will thrive in jobs that require human interaction, as that is what motivates them most. When interviewing potential employees, it is important to understand how a person works and what conditions under which they will work best. This will create a better workforce for our society as a whole. If our entire society is working in jobs that suit their personality best, people will be happier and healthier than some currently who are in jobs that assign them to uncomfortable tasks. They must take note of the strengths and weaknesses and understand a person fully, rather than just seeing if they can complete a job well enough. While it is a strong belief that everyone ends up where they are supposed to be, certain people do not like where they are in life because the people that put them there did not understand their personality
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