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1929-1937: Walt Disney. August 2002. May 7, 2007.

This short article shows about the character of Walt Disney. It tells us about how he grew up and about his personal life. It shows how Walt Disney tried to make an impact on the world. His characters were normally cartoons. Yet they still impacted kids and adults around the world.

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This article stereotypes Disney movies. Walt may not have wanted his characters to be like this, but Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, were all doing housework in the movies, teaching children that the women do all of the house work and things like that. The author is an anomaly, and goes past the norm and tries to do something different.

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Disney seems to have more females than males star in the roles of these Disney movies. Children will grow up thinking they are supposed to play the role of a Disney character or princess. But this isn’t true at all. Although I love Disney movies, this is not right. Children should grow up to do whatever they want, not what Disney movies show them what they should be. We need to show that boys and girls aren’t different at all and that our lives to be equal throughout our days, whether it be sports, academics, or just life in general.

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