Stereotypical American Childhood

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Growing up, I had the stereotypical American childhood: when I wanted to see my friends, I hopped on my bike, rode across town, and knocked on their doors. That was how things were, and if you were to ask my dad, or his dad, they would have similar recollections of their own past. This idealistic childhood is mirrored in TV shows, books, and the news. However, times are changing. My generation was born into an interesting time period. While our childhoods began just like our parents’ did, we quickly gained access to technology they had never even dreamed of. Cell phones, computers, and the internet became far more accessible and convenient than ever before. It was suddenly possible to access people and information at the touch of a button. So what did this…show more content…
Before they were available, keeping in touch with loved ones was a long, frustrating process. Long distance relationships—either friendly or romantic—just couldn’t survive the way we can now. My best friend is a testament to this fact. He recently moved to Michigan to fulfill a lifelong dream of his… but in the process, was forced to leave his long term girlfriend (whom he would never have met if it weren’t for the internet) behind. Twenty years ago, this would’ve been the end. Sure, they could’ve sent letters, but we all know how that ends. No. Instead, they have the option to communicate almost uninterrupted. One could argue that this type of communication lacks the personal touch necessary for a relationship, but that just isn’t true. Things like Apple’s FaceTime or Skype’s video conversations actually give you a more personal way to interact (over long distance, obviously) than ever before. Those who don’t appreciate online communication honestly just don’t understand the benefits it brings: The internet allows us to talk to our friends, family, and loved ones at any time of the day, no matter where they are, at the touch of a
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