Stereotypical Sorority Girl Essay

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Not the Stereotypical Sorority Girl
Demographically, Livermore is approximately 80% white and about 5% Asian. As an Asian woman growing up in a majority white Caucasian community, I did not feel different from my peers. I had never felt out casted or felt like I was treated differently. While I did not intentionally apply to colleges that were demographically similar to home, it was a natural feeling going to Sonoma State University. Much like Livermore, Rohnert Park was about 65% white and 5% Asian.
Living in Livermore, I felt accepted and got along with everyone. I never felt my race or ethnicity was a factor in my relationships with others. I was an athlete, a musician, a leader, and a scholar. I made friends easily and felt a part of the groups. I never considered that who I have always been will be looked at differently by others. It was not until I got into college did I finally realize I was different than the majority.
Before going to college, I had already known I wanted to join a sorority. Despite the negative image social media has portrayed sororities, I knew there was more than parties and hazing. I was fortunate enough to attend a school where Greek life did not tolerate bad behaviors and the initiation process was simple and fun. I felt safe knowing that the sororities were strict with hazing and were very welcoming. I noticed the
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I had made some friends of my own, but did not feel entirely welcomed by others. I struggled to fit in with the girls and could not figure out why I felt so alienated. I was always nice and friendly so it confused me why I was not accepted. While it was nothing entirely mean, rumors were spread that some of my sorority sisters felt I did not fit because I did not party like they did or because they simply could not see me as their sister. It hurt my self-esteem to hear that the values I cherished were not

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