Stereotyping In Canada

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Stereotyping is a social disease that allows hatred to become embedded in society. As a person of the male gender, I have been exposed to stereotyping. When I was a child, even today, I experience all kinds of stereotyping. For example, the day we received our report cards, after school, my mother, sister and I went to the doctor's office to get a needle shot. While we were waiting, I showed my mom my report card. I remember her saying something along the lines of “Not bad, but you can improve in some subjects,” however when we were talking about my sister’s report card she had a different reaction. My sister did worse than me during that term, but my mother told me that I needed high grades to get into university and acquire good jobs. On the other hand, it…show more content…
I know that it has been said for a long time because, during World War II, the Allies thought the Japanese could not attack during the night, due to their small eyes. Also, they could not see at night and could not swim. There was irony in this moment in time because the Japanese did attack at night, and succeeded. Stereotyping in Canada is unacceptable because it is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. Due to the high amount of races, religions and cultures in Canada, we must respect others and not put them down. Also, stereotypes discourage the victim and could lead to them leading an unsuccessful life because of what all the people around them have been saying. To continue, the citizens of Canada have not only the right to be respected but the responsibility to respect others as well. A method to help reduce a number of stereotypes is to not teach them to kids, or mention them. This is because the children of today are the adults of the near future. Although children are bound to learn about stereotypes, it is good to discourage the use of

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