Stereotyping In Gender And Politics

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Gender and Politics
Stereotyping: Factor that Holds Women Down in Politics

Women should do the household chores. Women are created to feel pain every month and suffer when giving birth. Women gets old staying at home to take care of her children. Women are not obliged to go for school. Women are weak. Women are subsidiary being. These are the stereotypical thinking of people towards women; confined with the traditional roles in the family and in the society. But is this all that a woman can be? Today, people are faced with the challenge of equality between sexes and genders in so many aspects. Many are seeking for parity and equity on their rights especially on the matter of their participation and development of each and every individual’s potentialities. One of which are their equal rights in politics. Gone were the days patriarchal rules the government because now we can see women being actively part of politics and governance. In a democratic country, citizens have the power to choose their political candidates. They exercise the right to vote, suffrage, which gave power between and among genders. At the time suffrage was opened to both men and women, things had changed. Women does not only take part on the election process but also got the privilege to participate in the candidacy. Political positions started to be filled with women. But why is that men still dominates political positions than women? Despite of the participation of women in politics, studies show
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