Stereotyping In Raymond's Run

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Why do people classify others by their looks, gender, skin color, race, abilities, age, or wealth? Maybe because stereotyping is part of human nature. Everyone classifies others as one thing or another. Most people stereotype others because they do not know better. Or so they like to tell themselves. But in reality, we are all just too lazy to take the time to get to know that person. We ignore the fact that everyone has different personalities, looks, and lifestyles. This is proved by part of the quote above, “Stereotypes are fast and easy, but they are lies…” Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker, the main character in “Raymond’s Run” by Toni Cade Bambara, demonstrates stereotyping, just like everyone else in the world. Hazel, aka Squeaky, is the…show more content…
The quote, “Stereotypes are fast and easy, but they are lies, and the truth takes its time.” relates to Squeaky and her life of stereotyping. The first part of the quote, “Stereotypes are fast and easy...” corresponds with Squeaky because she made many stereotypes about people she just met. Gretchen was the “new girl,” who just moved to Squeaky’s neighborhood. Squeaky said Gretchen was a slow runner because of her looks. Soon though, she began to learn that Gretchen was not such a bad runner after all. This connects to the part of the quote, “...and the truth takes its time” because it was at the end of the book when Squeaky realized that Gretchen was a good runner as well. Raymond, Squeaky’s older brother with a mental disability, was another victim of Squeaky’s stereotypes. Squeaky said that because of his big head, Raymond was incapable of running, and the only reason he could keep up with her (during exercises) was because he could get bullied. Squeaky also stereotypes girls, in general, saying they do not care to learn how to smile. It relates to the part in the quote that says, “but they are lies”. Squeaky has not met all the girls in the world. She does not know that all girls “do not want to know how to smile”. Squeaky stereotypes many people, but so does everyone else in the world. Don’t forget: “Stereotypes are fast and easy, but they are lies, and the truth takes its
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