Stereotyping In The Myth Of The Latin Woman

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After reading the story “The Myth of the Latin Woman”, I was not astonished that people still to this day carry the mindset of racial stereotyping. Even though that no matter how much a person tries to cast away from their culture to avoid being labeled, they would still be judged from what the world portrays them as. However, even to this day I am and will forever be a victim of being labeled due to the color of my skin. I myself as well as others in this society am guilty of stereotyping Latino women due to what we see in movies. There was a time when I came across a young Latino female, it was when I was hanging out with a group of friends after school. She walked past us and I commented “They make good housewives” and they responded “Yes…show more content…
It was early in the morning and I was walking through the neighborhood to get to school, until two police cars pulled up behind me. I did not hear them because I was listening to music with my headphones, so I discovered them by seeing the flashing lights that were coming from behind me. Soon after, I stopped and a police officer got out, then told me to raise my hands up and began to search me. During the search, the officer questioned me about where I was headed and what do I have in the backpack. He then commented “I know you guys like selling drugs in this area and did you throw the gun in the dumpster somewhere”. Then moments after following the officer’s directions and answering his questions, the second officer responds to a report over the radio that the suspect was a black male wearing a black jacket. Luckily I was wearing a green one that morning and if I was wearing black it would not have been a good day for me. Shortly after, I was allowed to continue to school while the officers frustratingly drive away. Then later on that day, I told my mother what happened and she advised me on dressing in more appropriate attire such as a collared shirt with slacks. I then disputed with her explaining that “It would have mattered less if I had dressed in a so called appropriate way” and that my skin was still

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