Stereotyping In Toni Morrison's Elspeth

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I will never date a beauty," Cavan said, his face scrunched up. "But--" "All you blonde, popular, and bimbo-type beauties can go to hell." Without sparing another glance at my best friend, Cavan shuffled away, leaving her stranded in the middle of the dance floor. He messed with the wrong people. ________ When the school 's notorious hearthrob--Cavan Lamont--vows to never date the "blonde, popular, and bimbo-type beauties," it 's bound to break hearts. When Elspeth 's best friend gets rejected harshly, forcing Elspeth to break Cavan 's ego and stereotyping. Elspeth 's plan creates two personalities: one gorgeous (Beth) and one ugly (Elizah). While one is a beauty at school, the other is an ugly in the neighborhood. While one shows him that a
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