Stereotyping: The Different Aspects Of Stereotyping In Society

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As mentioned in my previous journal, after researching into human thinking that is not supported by a critical analysis, it was found that the human brain tends to wrap itself around the popular public opinion, prejudices, stereotypes etc. The worst part about this is that the people tend to believe in these without knowing enough about it, or without even giving it a second thought.
I initially thought that stereotypes and prejudices were something similar. However, after class and after reading about it I realized that they are pretty different. A stereotype is about a group or a community or an action. A stereotype follows an ‘all or none’ policy. However, a prejudice is a feeling about a person based on their involvement in a community. Taking an example of the most popular stereotype – gender stereotype – it is very common for people in India to think that women are supposed to stay at home and look after the wellbeing of the household and the man is supposed to go out and
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As is clear from word itself, prejudice is having a pre-judgment about someone belonging to a community or a group. Till the time it is just a feeling it is called a prejudice, however it turns into discrimination as soon as the feeling turns into an action. Prejudices soon turn into discrimination and in turn harm the society. After the 9/11 attacks, people became prejudiced against people even remotely connected to the middle-east. These people were discriminated against, and shunned from the society (as soon in the movie ‘My name is Khan’). Everyone should realize that they should not generalize or form opinions about a society or a group of people, just because people from their community have done a bad deed. People are prejudiced against women going to parties or people having tattoos. These are baseless prejudices with no reason at all which lead to anger and frustration among

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