Sterling Hall Bombing Analysis

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Political actions taken by the United States in regards to the Vietnam War caused an uproar of controversy in the 1960’s. The city of Madison, Wisconsin became grounds for mass protests against the Vietnam War. Over one million lives were lost in the 20 years of war. Many protested these tragedies at the Capitol in Madison. While their protests were seemingly peaceful and respectful, the retaliation was not. Police officials sent to limit protesting retaliated aggressively, causing even more controversy. The line was crossed, however, when two brothers and their friends planned a more aggressive approach to get the protesters’ point across. This led to the infamous bombing of Sterling Hall.. The Sterling Hall bombing was accomplished by four…show more content…
After being on the run for seven years Armstrong was arrested in Toronto on April 10, 1977. Armstrong was sentenced to seven years, but only served three of those years. Armstrong moved back to Madison after his release and purchases a deli called Radical Rye with his brother Karl. Dwight passed away at age 53 of lung cancer.(Ziff, Deborah) David Fine was the youngest of the four bombers, at only age 18. Fine was captured in San Rafael, California on January 7, 1976.( Ziff, Deborah)Just as Dwight, Fine only served three of his seven years in prison. After his release he attempted to practice law, but was denied by the Supreme Court of Oregon with the reason that Fine did not show himself as a credible individual with good morals. The last bomber, Leo Burt was 22 years old at the time of the bombing. He fled to Canada with Fine, and still remains at large to this day. The Sterling Hall bombing showed the true feelings that some individuals had in regards to the War and the Government. These peaceful protest broken up by police caused the protesters to have more anger and hatred. The The Vietnam War not only caused pain and suffering on the battle grounds, but on the soil of America as
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