Sterlin's This May Be The Last Time

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In This May Be the Last Time, the main objective was to let the audiences know just how important songs were to the Indian people. These songs were sung in times of need to uplift their spirits, when times were low. For Example, in the 1800’s when the U.S. removed the Indians from their land it was known as the Trail of Tears and during this event the Indians sung songs to help them. Another example was when those who went searching for Pete Harjo, Sterlin Harjo Grandfather, sung songs of faith while looking for him. Their style of singing is known as Seminole and Muscogee. The Indians in Oklahoma didn’t write their history but spoke it through songs and stories. One of the issues Sterlin addressed was that he felt that there was a loss of culture and the tradition of singing was dying out. He states that change is not necessarily a good thing.…show more content…
In the film, at one of the funerals, when sterlin was at his aunts funeral, as the pastor began to sing none of the young ones sung along because they did not know the song nor did they learn the
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