Sternberg Harlem Shake Analysis

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Sternberg attempts to exhibit that popularity is a fleeting goal with no real value. One way Sternberg exhibits that is by comparing a month with a week. “Remember the summer of ‘Harlem Shake’?” we might one day say wistfully, “Remember the two weeks in February of ‘Harlem Shake’?” Here Sternberg’s tone is sarcastic. He Is mocking how at one-point popularity would last a whole summer but now popularity has been reduced to nothing but two weeks. He mocks the fact that nothing lasts but instead becomes a fad. In this quote it is plain to see that his targeted group is young adults. He shows how just a few years ago this was relevant and the rave but now it has no impact and very insignificant to us. Proving exactly what Sternberg was trying to
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