Sternberg Theory Of Love Analysis

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Background – Esmond and Estella are both 19 years of age and have known each other for 2.5 years. Both of them are currently schooling in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. They met during their Poly Foundation Program year where they were classmates and became best friends soon after. Esmond and Estella eventually started dating a year and eight months later on Esmond’s birthday, the 29th of August and have been together since then. Triangle Theory of Love In Sternberg’s Theory of Love, a relationship cannot survive on a single component and every stage has a different combination of intimacy, commitment and passion. Esmond and Estella started out as friends where intimacy was present, and as time went on they gradually became more passionate about each…show more content…
They keep the intimacy alive by cooking for each other, café hopping and having a picnic by the beach every now and then; spending quality time with one another regardless of place or activity where long conversations can be held. Passion brings a lot of positive energy into relationships and this couple have shown it by trying new things together, creating sweet memories to beat boredom in their relationship. According to Amie M. Gordon, “Researchers have found that trying new things with your partner can help prevent boredom, make you feel closer to your partner, happier with your relationship, and more satisfied with life in general.” (Gordon, 2012). As whether or not there is commitment in their relationship, the couple tend to argue due to minor conflicts, not because they cannot get along with each other but because they care. This instead brings them closer as they learn a little more about each other, and understand the mistakes that was made and what can they do to improve. It has been proven by a research carried…show more content…
Esmond is attracted to how adorable Estella is, showing that he is attracted to her outward appearance. Estella on the other hand, is more attracted to Esmond’s commitment in loving her, which shows her attraction to his capability. “In a BBC internet survey of the top three most desirable traits in a potential partner … men ranked good looks and facial attractiveness higher than women, while women preferred honesty, humor, kindness and dependability in their men.” (The Science of Magnetism, 2008). Apologizing is often a difficult step for men because of their ego and pride, according to Robert Chenda Mkandawire, “Men safeguard their ego jealously and instinctively defend anything that would diminish or hurt their ego.” (Mkandawire, 2013). However, this couple proved otherwise. Estella holds the alpha position while Esmond is the beta in this relationship. As Estella has a bigger ego, Esmond usually apologizes first, showing that he is not as egoistic as most men. As for expectations in a relationship, Estella feels that she should never be facing hardships alone. She expects her partner to stick with her through thick and thin. However, Esmond does not have much of an expectation, all he wants is for them to be happy together and being able to remain that

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