Steroid Supermen

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“How to Think About Our Steroid Supermen” is written by Jeremy Rozansky and published in The New Atlantis. This article talks about whether steroid “supermen” are worthy of their achievements or if they should be seen as cheaters. Rozansky claims that using performance-enhancing drugs are more than cheating in sports, it actually destroy the meaning sports. He argues that many athletes only care about becoming the winner or breaking the record instead of focusing on sports it self. He also provides suggestion that sports fans might consider not being fans or audience for those athletes who cheat. Rozansky’s article is timely and important because the use of performance-enhancing drugs has been known as a problem since 1960s, and it gradually becomes a hot topic in modern society. This is a social, athletic, and moral discussion. In fact, many athletes are using performance-enhancing drugs to get successes, including some athletes whom we view as sports heroes. With the growth…show more content…
Bunning’s essay talks about the reasons why steroid users can’t be elected in Hall of Fame. He mentions that the performance-enhancing users are cheaters and they are also terrible role models for youths. Same as Cheatham et al., he focuses on the effect of players using performance-enhancing drugs on youths, who look up to the athletes and hope to one day be like them. The drug users send a wrong message to youths that they can find a shortcut to get success by cheating. Bunning’s arguments inspire the audiences to continue thinking about the effect of using performance-enhancing drugs in sports. Using performance-enhancing drugs not only destroy the real meaning of sports, it also provides a terrible model for youth, which will send them they wrong message that they can get a shortcut by using performance-enhancing drugs to get
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