Steroid Use In Sports

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Steroid use in Sports, both professional and amatuer, are becoming a larger and larger issue as the years have gone by. Now,the only issue isn’t only that more people are using steroids, but athletes aren’t educated about the side effects that come with taking steroids. “85%. That’s the percentage of teen athletes who do not receive any education about what the side effects of steroids happen to be” ( On top of that, 44% of teens have also said that obtaining steroids would be easy even without a doctor’s prescription ( This combination of these two facts is asking for trouble when we talk about the use of steroids. So, if there are so many side effects to taking steroids, why do so many people take them? (Thesis)…show more content…
People see things on TV, the Internet, or in magazines of these amazing athletes or bodybuilders who are bigger than a building, and they want to look and be just like them. So, many athletes will train for years and years, and spend hours in the gym, but they don’t get the results that they see in the media. This is when many athletes will turn to the use of steroids. Even though the Federal Government has given a lot of money to aid in research on steroid use, there has not been sufficient evidence to deter athletes from using them. But, the list of side effects of steroids is lengthy, such
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