Steroids In Baseball Case Study

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The question which is on most people minds is what to do with the records of those who are caught using steroids. In a 2005 ESPN poll, more than 60% of respondents wanted the player who used steroids to have their records erased and to eliminate them from the possibility in joining the Baseball Hall of Fame (Cohen, 2005). In an NPR poll, 45% wanted a steroid abuser to have their records stricken from the archives of baseball (Memmott, 2013). MLB should implement a program where on day one all players are briefed about what will happen and to ensure it has consequences. One implementation to this policy is that those in violation while using steroids will cause their team to forfeit any and all games in which that player played. Enacting this policy will ensure that the owners and…show more content…
Teams who play by the rules will then be able to acquire better players while increasing their bottom line. In my opinion the sale of memorabilia will also increase the risk of acquiring a rare card or special signed ball will have less risk in being worthless due to a player given in to the temptation of doing something illegal to win. Repeat offenders should be barred from playing the game just like those who in the past who have gambled on the game of baseball. I honestly think those who use steroids have committed a far worse grievance then Pete Rose. Pete Rose has been barred from entering the Baseball Hall of Fame due to the fact that he had gambled on baseball games while he played. The issue with Pete Rose not betting on his team warrants a lesser offense than cheating. If Pete Rose can be barred then all those who used steroids can also be banned. Lastly, I would impose a monetary fine on the owner of the team or owners for failing to adhere to the new MLB ethics Policy. Too many times players would be suspended with little or no adverse recourse for the organization. Yes, the team loses that player for a period of time but the team itself can replace

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