Steroids In Professional Sports Essay

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Professional sports are big business, and the use of steroids by professional sports stars compromises the integrity of the game; therefore, the American government has to intervene in order to maintain respectability in professional sports: With the Legislative branch, Congress is ready to propose stricter laws for the usage of steroids by professional athletics, the Executive branch has investigated allegations of steroid abuse by the Major League Baseball with the Mitchell Report, and the Judicial system has weighed in on the abuse of steroids with the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court ruling that records of players in Major League Baseball teams that tested positive for steroid use were not legally obtained. Much heated…show more content…
Federal investigators uncovered records of almost one hundred other Major League Baseball players who had tested positive for using steroids. The courts ruled that the names of these players could not be released in association with steroids abuse because the players were never under investigation so having the records was illegal and should have never been entered into evidence against them. Congress counteracted by responding with stricter laws. Congress proposed very strict laws in order to put an end to the wide use of steroids in professional sports. The bill will set standards for all four major league sports affiliates in the United States. The new bill will have steroid abuse laws much like the ones for the Olympics and players who continue to fail banned substances tests will banned themselves. With the help of the Mitchell Report, which was put together by George Mitchell, a Federal prosecutor, as an investigation into steroid abuse in Major League Baseball in 2007, tracking steroid abuse should be easier and have documentation needed. The report named just fewer than 100 players reported to be using drugs to enhance their performance ability to play their particular sports. The report takes into account the multiple faces of the issue by breaking down the negative aspects associated with steroid use. President Bush weighed in to
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