Steroids In Sports Persuasive Essay

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Steroids have been in sports for a few decades and many athletes use them for personal benefits. Steroids are a drug which can help you and can be very harmful to the body if someone use it too often, causing liver problems and can cause bones to be very brittle. This substance is banned from all major sports, but somehow athletes find ways to cheat the system and use them. Athletes have paid huge fines and have been suspended from the sport for such thing. . In 2015 Cable News Network (CNN) article, “Why Sport Should Allow Doping,” Ellis Cashmore, a professor of Sociology at Aston University in England states, "Athletes from all sports have made their intentions clear--they intend to use performance-enhancing substances no matter how severe the punishments. Professional athletes, especially in the post-Lance Armstrong era, are risk-takers. The prizes, and riches, on offer are so irresistible that they will do whatever it takes to win" (par. 34).…show more content…
Most body builders use steroids to help with their appearance, which…show more content…
Using steroids can benefit the muscular system if someone tear a muscle or ligament. In 2016 Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology article, “Anabolic Agents for Improving Muscle Regeneration and Function after Injury” Gordon S Lynch, Jonathan D Schertzer and James G Ryall writes, “Androgenic-anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of the male hormone testosterone that are capable of exerting strong effects on the human body that can benefit athletic performance. Testosterone replacement therapy has been used effectively to counteract loss of lean body mass in hypo gonadal men” (par.

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