Steroids Persuasive Speech

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I am writing to you with all due respect under the terms of steroid use. I am aware that you think steroids should be legal. In 1994 1,084,000 people said to have taken anabolic steroids. Steroids are taken by athletes everywhere in lots of different forms. There are injections, pills, and topical creams and different types of drugs such as anabolic steroids; which are the most popular. Anabolic steroids are a simulation of testosterone, which helps you produce more protein to let you heal faster and gain more muscle. However, the effects on the brain are unforgivable. I am sure that you have researched this topic entirely, but I am here to remind you PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) have a negative health risk, offer a bad influence on others and they give you an unfair advantage. Performance enhancing drugs should remain illegal when used to gain an unfair advantage.
Steroids have an awful
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According to Richard Pound a former president of an anti-doping agency claims if everyone is taking it them, then, everyone is going to up the dosages making the game just pointless. The use of Performance enhancing drugs are not accidental they are specifically taken for an unfair advantage.
It is true that performance enhancing drugs help you recover faster. Andy Pettitte a pitcher for the New York Yankees admitted to using steroids to help him recover from an elbow injury, "In 2002 I was injured. I had heard that human growth hormone could promote faster healing for my elbow," This shows how athletes steroids can be used to help injuries and recover faster. And yet, many other people see the negative effects that come out of taking steroids and now Andy Pettitte is facing the consequences for doing the deed.
Overall it is obvious that performance enhancing drugs are unacceptable. They have a negative health risk and they give an unfair advantage. Performance enhancing drugs ruin people's lives don’t let it be your
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