Steroids Should Be Banned In Schools

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High School students can and will use drugs to enhance their performance in activities. Whether it's baseball or football, they will take a risk to make themselves stronger, faster, and better. I think that the students should be required to take a drug test to see if they are using them for any activities. That way it's fair for other people and it can stop them from trying to hurt or even worse, kill themselves. I say it is time to be drug free. Students in high school should be required to take a drug test and this is why. Students have been recorded using PED's to become elite athletes. PED's can cause the risk of death and many other health problems. For example, PED's can cause balding, stunts in growth, heart and liver damage, and an increase of a risk of blood clots. High school students are using this drug for better chances in their performance than worrying about the risks he or she is taking because of this. That's why I think we should test students for drugs.(Partnership for drug-free kids.)…show more content…
The only way to know if they are using drugs is if they take a urine test. We can not invade their privacy to take a sample for the teachers or parents testing them. It just seems wrong to do. We also shouldn't test kids for drugs because the test probably won't be 100% accurate and could be misleading. Also the individual who has to be tested has their rights not to be tested. If they said they didn't use drugs, they didn't use drugs. Students should not be tested for drugs. Although drugs can save their lives from critical health problems to death. I still think drug testing should be used anywhere that feels right to use it. Let's be drug free! Let's be drug free! Let's be drug

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