Steroids Should Not Be Allowed In Sports

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In this era of sports, There are many cheaters in sports because they want to be the best out of everyone. The most common cheating in sports is when athletes take steroids to dope in sports, to increase performance in sports. Did you know in the Summer Olympics of 2016, 100 Russian athletes were banned from the Summer Olympics due to doping in sports. Doping in sports is when athletes use medications that are not allowed to take to improve their performance in sports. The most common type of doping is stimulants to overcome stress and challenges that athletes have. Is it appropriate for citizens to revolt against steroid use in sports. Athletes should not be able to take steroids to increase their strength. Steroid use in sports is cheating, if found out that a team is doping in sports they can be eliminated from the event. Although some may argue that steroid use in sports can increase athletes performance. Practicing doping in sports can affect the body in the long run. Athletes should not be able to take steroid…show more content…
If athletes take steroids then your team and yourself can be eliminated from the event if caught taking steroids because it gives unfairness to other players and teams. Many teams and players have bein eliminated from special sports events such as Russia, Usa and Many more teams have been banned from the olympics, also many players like a canadian runner named johnsen ran 100m in 9.79 seconds but later striped from his gold medal after testing positive after and anabolic test. Another scenario is when one russian swimmer was tested positive after an anabolic test and his whole team of 100 swimmers were also banned from the summer olympics of 2016. One player can affect a whole team because that is punishments for taking steroids to improve your game. Manny athletes hate versing athletes that dope in sports that 's why there is punishments for doping in
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