Stetson University Resident Assistant Role

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At Stetson University, the Resident Assistant is a vital member of the of the community. Their role is not an easy one but it is certainly a rewarding one. It is the job of the Resident Assistant to guide their peers in a positive direction both through words and actions. They should act as role models to the residents and help the residents be the best version of themselves. Within the hall, it is their duty to strive to make it feel like a safe and inviting community. Whether this be through a weekly hall social event or by decorating the hall in different themes. Their role is to make the hall a successful community where everyone works together to live in peace. They should be accessible to their peers, and allow their peers to come to them with problems that they are facing, whether it be a roommate disagreement, a maintenance issue, or just to lend a friendly ear. A Resident Assistant should help their fellow students adjust to life on campus and living with a roommate, whom they may not always get along with. A Resident Assistant’s role also includes the less than glamorous aspects of administrative duties. These duties must be carried out in a quick and efficient manner. When residence halls close, it is their responsibility to inform their hallmates of the proper procedures and guidelines. When they witness, or hear of violations, of Stetson…show more content…
I view myself as an open-minded individual who is both friendly and positive towards everyone, two important traits I feel all Resident Assistance should have. I feel that being a Resident Assistant would help me grow both as an individual and a leader. During my time at Stetson University, I have strived to be both a mediator and a mentor and by being a Resident Assistant I could not only use these skills to help solve problems during hall disputes but I could also show people how to live the Stetson
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