Steuben County: A Narrative Analysis

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STEUBEN COUNTY (WENY) - Have you ever wondered what it 's like to be a cop? Well in honor of Sheriff 's Week WENY News had a chance to ride along with a Steuben County Sheriff deputy to see what life 's like as a patrolman. For sergeant Matthew Sorge, being a part of law enforcement was always on his radar. He says the satisfaction of helping people and keeping the community safe is a big part of why he loves his job. After a call goes through to a 911 emergency dispatcher it 's just moments later officers like Sergeant Matthew Sorge of the Steuben County Sheriff 's Office who respond to the call. Sometimes never knowing what they 're going to see. "You never know what you 're walking into. You could be walking into what you think is ian easy call and it turns into a high priority call. You just never know," ays Sergeant Sorge. However, on the other hand, he says the variety within the job is what keeps it interesting. "There 's so much stuff you can do in a single day. It 's not mundane, same stuff everyday, it 's something different, could be every hour," says Sergeant Sorge. Besides responding to calls and the ever dreaded paper work, Sergeant Sorge says he keeps pretty busy. He supervises the road patrol division, the civil office, the school resource officers, the sex offender registry, the car…show more content…
WENY News had a chance to go on a road patrol with Sergeant Sorge. He says typically a patrolman will drive around 250 miles during a shift. After about forty minutes of driving around, he caught someone speeding along West Lake Road, but didn 't give her a ticket. "It 's a personal preference really, some people write everybody. She was completely honest with me. She didn 't realize she was speeding. So me stopping her was all it took for her to realize she was speeding and she needs to watch her speed. That 's what we are trying to do is make the road safer whether it involves a ticket or doesn 't involve a ticket that 's what we 're trying to do,"

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