Steve Austin Persuasive Speech

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love Steve Austin. I instantly took a liking to him when I first saw him perform back in the old USWA in 1990. It's hard to describe what that intangible is that makes one a superstar, but whatever it is, Austin had "it". Fast forward to the end of 1995. World Championship Wrestling, more specifically Eric Bischoff, had a different opinion and decided to release him. That rejection scorched Austin's soul and fueled the fire for a man who would go on to become a stone cold killer on the microphone and one of the biggest superstars of all time. Unfortunately, Austin's torment would become the template for disgruntled ex-employees in the wrestling biz: show up in a new company, bash the old one for holding you down, all while promising to show the world talent never before seen. And as I reflect on Damien Sandow's recent debut and promo in TNA, all I could think of was, "Enough!" With all due respect to the newly christened Aron Rex, I've heard this speech a thousand times before, especially from those fresh out of Stamford. I don't doubt the politics that go on there. But this approach to a fresh start is the equivalent of griping about an ex during a date with a potential new love. It's also tired and played out. Austin airing his grievances with…show more content…
Jericho had arguably the greatest debut ever for a wrestler. Fresh off of a mid-card run in WCW that garnered a cult like following, Jericho had difficulty breaking through the glass ceiling of Ted Turner's wrestling company. Frustrated with his lack of opportunities, he sought greener pastures in McMahonland. With the full backing of WWE behind him, the newly minted Y2J came roaring in like a rock star. He spoke as if he was already the star he would become. He belittled top acts such as the Rock and vowed to save the world from what he deemed
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