Steve Cutts Happiness Short Film Analysis

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In our society today, every individual’s ideas can be exchanged in various creative forms. The short film medium, being a form of social commentary, is a pertinent driving force behind shifts in personal values. Thus short films as a textual form have great value and impact to society due to their versatile delivery. Steve Cutts’ Happiness (2017) is a satirical film whose fast-paced nature prioritises meaning over matter to critique the constant pursuit of happiness in misplaced interests. Erez Tadmor and Guy Nattiv’s Strangers (2003) depicts a singular scenario and builds tension to convey the overcoming of entrenched racial divides. It is through the versatile and therefore valuable medium of short films that a wide variety of continually relevant issues are explored and interrogated, greatly impacting on society. Cutts’ Happiness (2017) demonstrates the consumerist values of society underpinning every failed pursuit of a glorified happiness, with an unrelenting proliferation of consumerism suppressing any depth of plot. Cutts adeptly prioritises the dim message of a…show more content…
Steve Cutts’ Happiness delivers the idea of our consumerism-driven society being led to a constant and futile search for happiness through the suppressed depth of its fast-paced storyline, prioritising meaning over matter. Tadmor and Nattiv’s Strangers, through built-up tension between cultural groups, focuses on the detail in confrontational interactions following the overcoming of an embedded racial divide. Therefore both texts capture the versatile scope with which the short film medium, in its comparative brevity and succinct meaning, can deliver to society a greatly valuable perspective on pertinent

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