Steve Dunleavy Republic Services Case Study

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Steve Dunleavy was invited to come up to the podium to speak on behalf of the Republic Services Update stated in the agenda. Republic Services is a waste service company who collects trash and recycling around Morgantown. Previously a soldier in Iraq and a Special Olympics coach who resided in Boston with his family, Dunleavy has been with the company for 90 days, and started by explaining the progresses in the company has made within that time. These advances include stabilization of their world-class call center, paid training for employees that equips them with communication and computer skills, the desire to employ local people, spending over $60,000 to equip trucks with better tires for the incoming winter weather, spending over $85,000 renting two trucks within the past 60 days, attracting and attaining better hiring talent by providing a sign on bonus. Service interruptions that were caused in the area were some of the short falls, but Dunleavy assured that these downfalls have since been recovered. The floor was then opened up for questions or concerned which came from multiple members of Council, beginning with Selin who expressed that they are willing to do whatever they can help Republic Services do the best that they can to clean up the disposal in town, and thanked him for being there. Dunleavy then went on to state that they only put the best people out there to do this duty, and talked highly of his employees and the work that they do.

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