Steve Harmon: Similarities And Differences

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There are several cultures throughout our world, country, state, and even our city we live in today. You may not notice it, but there are several differences that make us unique; yet, the greater portion of us also have similarities. Steve Harmon has grown up wanting to fit in with others; he focuses on school striving to be the best. Almost daily Steve harassed by gangs so he comes up with the decision of joining on himself. Gangs are close to what you visualize in movies; gang members want the respect of others and to show that you must prove that you are tough and worthy. Steve is a nice respected black man; however, to show his gang, he is worthy he takes part in a bank robbery. Having a simple job of being the lookout, all goes wrong when the clerk pulls a gun and fights for his store. Steves partner James King fights for the gun when is discharged on the clerk himself ending his life. Steve must go on trial for murder even though he never touched the gun. Kathy O’Brien, Steve 's layer, states that their definitions of winning may be different as if Steve’s definition of winning is the death penalty not taking place(13). …show more content…

The life we live in today is filled with hate, dislike, and racism. Just because Steve was born black his chances are greater of being found guilty then a white man. Today we now have equal rights between blacks and whites, but we still don’t treat one another the same as we would treat someone of our own race. As time goes on we notice less racism; however, this book was published in 1999, when racism was more present. I have never experienced racism towards me, but that is because I am a white man. If I asked any black person if they experience racism, which I likely would not do, I would assume almost all would say they have experienced racism towards them. I am grateful to be born white so I wouldn’t have all this hate bringing myself down like what happened to Steve in

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