Steve Irwin Passion For Wild Life

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Steve Irwin once stated, “I have no fear of losing my life. If I have to save a koala, or crocodile, or a kangaroo or a snake mate, I will save it.” Steve had no fear in doing what he loved. He went after his life ambitions and became what he set out to be. Steve Irwin is known all over the world as an adventurer and television star. Steve spent all his life protecting the environment and being a guardian angel to the animals around us. Steve was and still is one of the most influential wildlife environmentalists of his time. Steve acquired his passion for wild life from his parents, Bob, and Lyn Irwin. Bob and Lyn founded a reptile park called “Beerwah” on four acres of land. Steve accompanied his father on expeditions in the outback to trap poisonous snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. He helped nurse and rehabilitate injured or forsook animals. In the early 1970’s Irwin found his love for crocodiles while out on an expedition for the east coast crocodile management program, a regime sponsored project to reduce crocodile hunting by relocating the animals to less populated areas. On one outing, Irwin attempted to subdue a crocodile for the first time. Steve was nine years old. By the early 1980’s Irwin acquired a reputation as Australia’s top “croc catcher.” Steve sometimes even spent months alone in the bush in search of the most immensely colossal and perilous crocodiles. While on some expeditions Irwin would bring a video camera mounted on a tripod. Irwin was given the

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