Steve Jobs: An Example of Persuasive Speech

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The speech delivered by Steve job at the commencement at Stanford 2005 during the graduation ceremony is a great example of persuasive speech. By first listening to Steve it is really hard for someone not to get inspired from his words. Out of this great speech there are many characteristics that made him a great speaker, a great influencer and a great leader. The simplicity of Visuals, his great understanding and his ability to use rhetoric are just a few examples that attract attention during this amazing speech. As a business leader, he achieves to influence graduates that hard circumstances can lead to success unless you do not give up. 2. THE STRUCTURE To begin with, the simple structure of his speech created the scene in the mind of his audience. The first technique followed by Steve Jobs was story telling, by divide the whole speech into three simple parts, the stories, closing and conclusion managed to gain audience attention. By giving a clear and straightforward introduction he prepared the audience what the whole speech is all about from the beginning. “Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. That 's it. No big deal. Just three stories.” Through a simple start and the use of trigger words Steve Jobs, managed to keep the audience focused during the whole speech and interested to find out what comes next. Steve Jobs by using the important technique of storytelling he touched the heart of his audience. Through the simplicity of his language, the
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