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According to the annual list of 500 major leading companies has ranked by Fortune 500 Apple lies 5th in its list. Apple is amongst the most valuable and highly money-making companies in the world with its revolutionary iPhone. It is able to gain remarkable success by the ability to create innovative products. Certainly, it is able to gain such huge success due to its products but not only that it there are other factors that play role such as distinct leading faces such as Steve Job and currently Tim Cook along with different strategies applied to motivate its employees and make the company what it is today.
Motivation of workers has direct impact on the productivity and efficiency. “Motivation is the internal and external factors that inspire
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It draws that job satisfaction is resulted from five main factors – achievement, acknowledgement for success, work itself, responsibility and advancement. However, job dissatisfaction is resulted from policies and administration, supervision, salary, relationship and working conditions. This theory offers two factors which are intrinsic factors that is related to job satisfaction and extrinsic factors that is associated with job dissatisfaction. The hygiene factor indicate the physiological needs which the individuals want and expect to be…show more content…
This notion can be related to Steve Jobs and the way he exercises his leadership skills. During Jobs project on MoblieMe (email system) there were different problems faced while conducting MoblieMe. Jobs then gathered the team and admonished them and resulting firing of the executive and placing the new one to run the team. (lashinksy, 2011)This shows the glimpses Jobs as a narcissistic leader having arrogance and ruthlessness with lack of empathy over the executive and the team. Job’s is also visualized as corporate dictator who makes every single critical decision directing him further towards a narcissist leader. However, with dark side of Jobs he is also seen as a transformational leader with the characteristics creative, passionate and visionary. Indeed, Jobs’ vision for design, his imagination for new products and ways of doing business, and to see things through market and take on challenge are likely reasons why Jobs is often mentioned as an image of transformational
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