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Walter Isaacson is an author that wrote a sensational biography about one of the most inspiring humans to ever live in the technological era, Steve Jobs. This biography shows us Steve's emotional struggles of living as an adolescent and how he grew up to be someone prodigious. The information in the biography comes from more than 500 questions asked by interviews held by Walter with Jobs. Steve Jobs is originally a Syrian kid that was born to Abdulfattah and Joanne, his real parents that gave him up for adoption because of her father's refusal of the marriage and baby. Clara and Paul Jobs, an accountant and mechanic living in San Francisco adopted the baby and named him Steve. Steve was never bright, he hated school and was never interested…show more content…
Both Steve Jobs and Wozniak made an invention that they sold that could make free long-distance calls, Jobs now realizes that he can make something out of technology and can possibly be able to compete with other big companies. He starts the Apple company in his garage and asks friends and his sister to assemble and pack the computers. He sells the Apple 1, but it was not very successful, so next, Jobs produces a computer named the Lisa, an improved version of the Apple 1. The name was inspired by the name of his daughter which he denied paternity to. Steve visits another company named Xerox and decides it is the future of computing, he then spends one million dollars on a commercial that contributes to the increased exposure of the Macintosh. He is then fired by the CEO he recently hired and then decided to start a computer company called NeXT. Jobs starts Pixar and makes Toy Story then sells NeXT to Apple and then reclaims his position as the CEO of Apple, he is now more empowered and confident than ever. Steve then releases technological revolutions that are still immensely significant parts of our lives now like the iPhone and the iPad.
Furthermore, moving on later into Jobs' life, it was coming to an end after all the diligent effort to become a successful business person. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but he refused to have
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The book features all of Steve Jobs' inner thoughts and emotions of all the events that occurred in his life. From the time he learned of his adoption, feeling irritated and miserable, to the moment of his first computer failing but then recovering and ushering into the moment and the feeling of joy due to colossal success with his next invention. The book describes with complete detail Steve Jobs' feelings and emotions and struggles that he faced during life time and his attitude towards people, but it also showed the positive and optimistic side of Steve Jobs when he started to make money off of something he had a passion for and was able to positively influence others around him with his light-hearted personality and his
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