What Steve Jobs Taught Me Essay

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What Steve Jobs Taught Me: 11 Lessons About Life and Business Steve Jobs had a complicated relationship with his business and with his partners--both intimate and professional. He was at the same time both innovator and thief, inventing new ways of doing things and sometimes taking credit for other people’s handiwork (even if only by not acknowledging the actual creator). A perfectionist and a shrewd business man in every sense of the word, Steve Jobs was the ultimate renaissance man.

As tempting as it is to attempt to emulate every part of such an influential person’s life, most of us did not come from where Jobs came from nor do we have to walk the same path he walked to be successful. What we can do, though, is look at his life and take away lessons
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Steve Jobs’s parents planned to send him to college, but when it proved too expensive, he left and came up with another plan. He had the flexibility and intelligence to make the changes necessary to reach his goals. 2. Be grateful for your life. While being raised by adoptive parents might not be anyone’s idea of the ideal situation, Steve Jobs expressed gratitude for his parents and all that they gave and taught him.

The takeaway: Every step forward begins with taking an assessment of where you are, learning what you need and being grateful for how it helps you get where you need to be.
3. Education does not begin or end with college. Steve Jobs’s parents sent him to college as promised, but he did not stay there. His early education experiences, from being taught to read as a toddler to being paid to complete workbooks in grade school helped to shape his approach to gaining and using knowledge. Then, when college proved more expensive than he’d anticipated, he audited classes (including calligraphy, which influenced him to create his computers with the different types of fonts from those that were available on other computers) and continued to learn on his
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