Steve Jobs: Dropping Out Of College

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The world lost a creator, adventurer, and genius, five years ago. The Apple and Pixar animation CEO Steve Jobs, who was one of the most successful men, and one of the most inspiring persons until this time. As he never graduates from college, Steve Jobs delivered inspiring speech for a graduating class at one of the grates university in the world, Stanford University. He started his speech with pathos appeals by explain how honored he feel as he never graduated from college, but now he is giving speech to a graduating class at one of the finest universities. He said he was going to tell three stories, he didn’t want his audience to feel like it will be boring speech. Steve started with his first story about dropping out of college and why.…show more content…
Jobs continued his speech with the same pathos appeals. He wanted the young, fresh, and graduate student to look for what they love and have passion about it, even if they faced difficulties. Jobs tell his emotional story about how he never gives up on what he loves even after he was fired. "I had been rejected, but I was still in love"(Jobs). Jobs made a connection with his audience through the similarity of them both have dreams and hopes. The pathos appeals took the lead of Steve Jobs speech through his last story about him facing death. Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer; it was sentimental words as Jobs said " About a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer." (Jobs). Jobs continuous as he was trying to wake his audience up with the fact the everyday they get closer to death, Jobs had a motivations words for his audience to live everyday as it 's the last day of their life. Once again Jobs stimulate the audience to follow their dreams and to never settle down until they find it, he greatly encourages his listeners to follow their heart and to hold into their own opinions. Jobs finished his speech with an appeal to the pathos as he shared with the audience one of his favorite quotes. "Stay…show more content…
Steve Jobs give a speech that was full of a pathos appeals as he used his own experiences, and the difficulties he went throw it in his life. A speech for a graduate 's class from Stanford University, while Jobs never graduate from college and he was delivering a speech now in a great university, Jobs felt so honored. Jobs used in his speech a simple word, his speech was far away from any complicated words, most of the speech was to encourage his audience and motivate them using a pathos appeals. Steve Jobs who passed away in 2011 his Stanford commencement speech still inspire thousands of people all over the world until
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