Steve Jobs Film Analysis

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NAME: Vhonani
SURNAME: Mphoshomale
SCHOOL: Sagewood School
SUBJECT: Business Studies
NAME OF PROJECT: Film review
YEAR: 2015


a) Storyline and background (summary/plot)
b) Review and critical analysis
c) Conclusion

Checklist 4
Additional information (visuals, etc.) 5
Reference list 6

Storyline and background (summary and plot)

The film (Jobs) is based on a true-life story of Steve Jobs who is a co-founder of apple Computers. Both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are co-founders of Apple Computers.

A married couple, Clara and Paul Jobs, as an infant, adopted Steve. At a young age Jobs would work on electronics with his dad (Paul). It is said that Jobs was an intelligent
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He then decided to encounter on a journey to India, travelling through the continent, with his friend Daniel. In Jobs’ family garage, Jobs and Wozniak started the first Apple project, it was in 1976.

When Apple I started trending, three years after Apple II was released, sales of the company increased. Apple reached high levels of publicity. Four years after the start of the company, Jobs decided to hire the marketing expect of Pepsi, John Sculley, as the new president of Apple. Macintosh was the release in the year 1984 by Apple. As time went by, the company’s executives decided to phase Jobs out because Sculley believed that Jobs was bringing the company down with his decisions and he was not the right person for his position.
In 1985, Jobs left Apple to start a new hardware and software company (NeXT). Apple then bought NeXT, now called Pixar, and its then when Jobs decided to return to his position as the CEO of Apple.

Review and critical
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The part where he fired his own friend, he was thinking at a business prospective and did not let his emotions take over because it was his friend. As a CEO or owner of a company you have to make the right decisions, even if it mean firing the most loyal people but if you have someone who can do the job/task better then you have no choice but to fire them.

What I did not like about the film, comparing it to the Steve Jobs biography, they missed out quite a few things in the film that were mentioned in the biography.

What I thought was interesting was the fact that Apple I was made in a garage. Jobs called so many people and the refused to help him with his project until one guy decided to check out Jobs” project and that’s when it started going platinum. But through all the phone call rejections Jobs and his team never gave up, they pushed through and if it wasn’t for their patience Apple wouldn’t be as huge as it is today.

In the film, the directors made Steve look like a good person whereas in the biography he was a mean person. Along with his creative mind he would make sure that he gets everything he wants, whether following the rules or not. If I was the director, I would make sure that the film ends in a way that it doesn’t leave the audience wondering what happened with the main character

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