Steve Jobs Leadership Style Essay

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Steve Jobs- A person with magical persona Steve Jobs an unconventional leader whose management style could not be described as a part of any text - he had no consultative or consensus building approach. But it was his sheer genius with his ability to articulate his vision and bring staff, investors and customers along the journey - plus the lessons learned in a major career setback - that made it work. And the result is - The Indisputable. ( Sarah McInerney Oct 7 2011) He emphasized on the importance of teamwork, innovation, usage of experience, hard work, intelligence and control over every minor to a major decisions in an organization as a leader. Jobs considered teamwork among his employees as a key to the success. He chose the…show more content…
small size, with keyboard at that time. After it, they introduced Apple II followed by Apple Macintosh in 1984 with brilliant graphics and control with a mouse. In 1983, they also launched Apple Lisa but it was failed. In 1985 after resignation from Apple, he founded NeXT a computer platform development company specializing in state of the art, higher end computers for higher-education and business markets. In 1997 after acquisition of NeXT by Apple and re-appointment of Jobs as CEO for Apple, Jobs with the Think different campaign worked closely with designer Jonathan "Jony" Ive towards a line of devices that would have larger cultural ramifications: the iMac; iTunes; Apple Stores; the iPod; the iTunes Store; the I Phone; the App Store; and the I Pad. Honesty, Hard work, continuous dedication towards your work, Innovation like said by Steve Jobs, Teamwork abilities, A positive approach towards business strategies, good moral values and sincerity are key to success for any success in this universe. If we are sincere with ourselves, success is nothing to achieve in just a time. A good saying is that 'Always be able, success will follow you automatically'. Another lesson is to learn a good lesson from our mistakes and never repeat those mistakes again. Steve Jobs also quoted
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