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The Word Before Atari Most people don't know the reason why Steve Jobs named his company Apple, the reason is because it is the word before Atari in a phone book. Steve Jobs went from dropping out of Reed college in 1974 to starting one of the most valuable companies of the world. Steve jobs Revolutionized technology by creating many unique inventions including the iphone. Steve Jobs can easily be considered a revolutionary inventor due to his invention that about 84% of people carry on a daily basis. Have you ever wondered what type of smartphone is the most popular? The answer to this question is in 78% of the worlds pockets.“78% of teens surveyed own an iphone … 82% of teens said their next smartphones will be an iphone.” (,…show more content…
One of Apple’s greatest ideas was back in 2001 when they created their ITunes platform. “ ITunes is currently responsible for 63% of all digital music sales. Even after the emergence of competition from Amazon and Google.”(Covert, 2018). It is quite hard for a company to release something and right away have thousands of people already using it. But for Apple their ideas are just so well thought out and designed. On top of selling millions of songs to people all around the world on iTunes , Apple also had a massive increase in iPod sales. “Since its debut, more than 350 million iPods have been sold around the world.” (Time). When ITunes starting getting more and more popular, what better item to buy then an iPod that has iTunes on it. Ipods became a great hit due to Itunes already being installed on the device. It is safe to say that Steve Jobs created a whole new way to listen, download and experience music. Apple's business was booming and sales on all products starting increasing by the millions. Many people over the world can say that technology was Revolutionized by the great inventor known as steve jobs due to his many inventions like the Mac. Take a second to just think about a world without that precious little device in your
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